Unexpected Engagement Floating Tray

Make your proposal an unforgettable moment with our Engagement Floating Tray. This unique tray floats gracefully in any body of water, providing a romantic setting to pop the question. Whether it's a jacuzzi, a luxurious pool, or a tranquil beach, this tray adds a touch of elegance to your special moment. At Inomo Floating we create memories. Cherish forever with this essential accessory that combines practicality with romance for the perfect proposal.

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Level up your Hotel Services

Level up your Hotel Services you provide by offering The Floating Breakfast Service.  An impressive service provided internationally by the most luxurious hotels in exotic destinations.



Honeymoon Choice

Boost your visibility on social media Watch your resort's social media mentions multiply as tourists share their unique Honeymoon experience online and automatically a significant increase in Bookings.



Customize to your needs

Our company can customise every Floating Tray in any colour based on your Hotel's Brand Identity including your Logo engraved on Tray. 

As posted by Celebrities 

 Celebrities featured with our Floating Trays during their vacations in Greece are international jet setters with more than 1 million followers like Tina Kunakey, Maja Malnar,  Hofit Golan Khloe Teran, Gabriella Lenzi, Irina Cerutti


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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 81 × 73 × 15 cm